Saturday, May 21, 2005

Earthfamily Principals

These posts over the last few weeks and months reflect many of the principles of Earthfamilyalpha.

Here are the ones that seem really important.

The Earthfamily embraces cooperation over competition.

The Earthfamily believes in the efficacy of nonviolence.

The Earthfamily calls for corporate punishment that fits the crime.

We believe that people can use the new communication tools found in the internet and in our advanced communication devices to create new inventions of social contract that can transcend the geographic state-not replace it or rebel against it, but transcend it.

We believe that as we approach a technological singularity, we will need these bonds to maintain our place on the planet as free individuals capable of competing with powerful government controls and corporate hegemony.

The Earthfamily believes that declining oil reserves and Peak Oil will force the geographic states to compete for the remaining reserves, and thus create global uncertainty and stress for most of the developed and developing world.

We see that Climate Change will further exacerbate this uncertainty and this stress. We believe that Accelerated Technological Change will create opportunities and challenges that must be managed in creative and peaceful ways.

The Earthfamily sees renewable energy and hydrogen as the fuel and energy carrying system of the future. We imagine nanobased power paints that convert photonic energy to electronic energy at prices that will break the existing energy markets.

We believe that an advanced solar hydrogen economy can be created that can change everything if we will only allow that change to occur.

We know that a political system that is dominated by the corporate interests will in fact, in a democracy, represent those interests who dominate. This is not evil, it is economics.

We have come to realize that we must create a new global family that can respond to our needs, our hopes, and our right to the pursuit of happiness. We are aware that we are all crewmembers of Spaceship Earth.

We respect the boundaries of geographic states, but we know that they are archaic relics of a mind and consciousness that is rapidly advancing to global awareness.

We believe that humankind is capable of living in an awakened state which will in time, bring the promise of true peace and prosperity into our lives and communities.

We hold that the promise of a bright tomorrow can only be reached by letting go of the past. We believe in the dignity of humankind and in the oneness of our creation.

We know that it is indeed a miracle and a gift.

And it is ours to love and cherish.


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